Monday, June 11, 2007

America’s Only True Hope for Victory - by Pastor Dick Helms

Earlier this year, we as a Nation, The United States, took a rare small, step back from the spiritual precipice as the Supreme Court upheld the ban on the formerly "constitutionally protected" barbaric practice of infanticide (partial birth abortion). While this still allows the states to legalize the barbaric practice it is indeed a step in the right direction and partially cleanses this spiritual stain from America as a nation.

The ancient Israelites practiced child sacrifice to the evil demon god Moloch and suffered defeat and exile at the hand of their enemies for their sin. For the past three decades America has, like the ancient Israelites, also practiced wholesale child sacrifice to the same evil demon god know known as "choice." The most barbaric form this sacrifice has taken is the practice called "partial birth abortion."

Since the infamous Roe vs. Wade court decision America has become more and more barbaric in our practice of infanticide, and like ancient Israel America has come under God’s judgment suffering defeat from without and within. Is it any wonder that The United States has not seen a true victory in several decades?

Make no mistake, the Bible clearly teaches that there is such a thing as corporate/national sin and that God holds a sinful nation accountable! The Bible says that the blood of the innocents calls out from the land to God for justice. If this was true of the thousands of infants sacrificed by ancient Israel resulting in their defeat (by Babylon/Iraq) and exile, then how much more the nearly 50 million innocent children slaughtered in sacrifice to the god "choice" over the last three decades. One cannot even imagine God’s terrible judgment that awaits our nation if we do not repent soon.

Pray for our Nation. Pray that we will recognize the truth of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and that we will as a nation "humble [ourselves], and pray and seek [God’s] face, and turn from [our] wicked ways." That we will see the reversal of the evil Roe mandate that "then [God} will hear from heaven, and will forgive [our] sin and heal [our] land."

This is America’s only hope for true victory, in Iraq, around the world and, yes, here at home. America's only hope for a future as a free nation.

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