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Monday, November 01, 2004

Warning! Don’t Trust the Main Stream Media Election Reporting! – By Pastor Dick Helms

Warning! The Main Stream Media has already begun to spin the election reporting for Kerry in an attempt to suppress the pro Bush vote. Don’t be fooled! VOTE! Regardless of what the media is reporting. Remember in the 2000 election the media tried to throw the election by calling Florida for Gore while the heavily pro Bush panhandle was still voting. That time they almost succeeded by costing Bush an estimated 20,000 votes. Those votes would have easily avoided the “recount debacle”.

This warning is especially important if you live in Western states including Hawaii. If it appears that Bush is trailing in the Electoral College, don’t believe the reporting! Your vote is even more important then. The Main Stream Media has proven they are willing to do anything including making up stories and lying about results to keep Bush supporters away from the polls. So don’t trust them.

When you set your face to VOTE Tuesday, follow through regardless. And may God bless America by your faithfulness.

If you are even considering voting for John Kerry, remember a vote for John Kerry is a signature on the death warrant of thousands of innocent unborn babies that will be slaughtered when he overturns the few restrictions that are in place, and he has pledged to do so on the very first day he would take office.

Pass this warning on to everyone you know that is supporting the President and most of all Pray that unrighteousness does not ascend to the Whitehouse.


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