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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Kerry Campaign Threatens SINCLAIR Broadcasting - By Pastor Dick Helms

A senior Kerry Campaign advisor leveled a not so veiled threat at Sinclair Broadcasting today during the daytime news talk show DAYSIDE with Linda Vester on FOX News Channel. When asked for the Kerry Campaign's reaction to Sinclair Broadcasting's intentions to broadcast the film documentary "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" during prime time on their sixty plus stations, Kerry advisor, Chad Clanton, replied "They better hope we don't win".

When I heard Mr. Clanton say this, I couldn't believe my ears. And yes, the context was a direct threat regarding Sinclair's FCC license renewals if the Kerry camp is elected. Can you imagine the "MSM" outcry if a comment like this had been made by a representative of the Bush campaign. It will be interesting if we even hear mention of this one in the "MSM".


At 6:50 PM, Pat in NC said...

Pastor Dick, Fox had a man from Sinclair on tonight explaining that the program details are not finalized since they have invited John Kerry to come and respond to clips from the film. He said it was not supporting a candidate, it was telling the news. He spoke very well of the medias' responsibility to tell the news, not just what the media likes to report. POW's with a different viewpoint will be included if they come forward.If Kerry chooses to send a spokesperson familiar with Vietnam issues he would be welcomed.


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