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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Why President Bush’s “Stay the Course” Iraq Policy is not only “a plan” but it is the “Right Plan” – by Pastor Dick Helms

Yesterday I wrote
"Anyone that has been paying even brief attention to this year’s presidential campaign must understand by now that the candidates have diametrically different goals regarding America’s war on terrorism, including the ongoing conflict in Iraq. Let’s briefly compare each of the candidates’ goals and hopefully clarify the positions cutting through some of the confusion." and We examined Senator Kerry's goals regarding Iraq.

Now let’s look at President Bush.

President Bush’s primary goal is to defeat the terrorists, both inside and outside of Iraq, regardless of the cost. When that goal is achieved, then and only then should our troops leave Iraq. The President understands that evil cannot be negotiated with and more importantly he has the long view that liberty firmly planted is the only final answer to terrorism.

While there is an ongoing debate as to whether the liberation of Iraq was a valid part of our war on terror (which, by the way, is a debate that I believe to be without true merit) there can be no doubt that the liberation of Iraq has now defined the primary battleground in that war. As the President has often said we must take the fight to the terrorists so that we do not have to fight them in New York City or Philadelphia, PA or even here in Wellsville, NY.

Have mistakes been made? Only a fool would say that there have been none. The President himself has told us that miscalculations were made but, the very first principle of war fighting is that the war plan, no matter how good, will not survive the initial engagement.

Iraqi interim Prime Minister, Ayad Allawi, gave one of the best summaries of just how realistic the Bush (and Allawi) doctrine of “staying the course” is when he said during his address to our congress.
“For the skeptics, who do not understand the Iraqi people, they do not realize how decades of torture and repression feed our desire for freedom. At every step of the political process to date the courage and resilience of the Iraqi people has proved the doubters wrong.”

“They said we would miss January deadline to pass the interim constitution.”

“We proved them wrong.”

“They warned that there could be no successful handover of sovereignty by the end of June. “

“We proved them wrong.”

“A sovereign Iraqi government took over control two days early.”

“They doubted whether a national conference could be staged this August.”

“We proved them wrong.”

“Despite intimidation and violence, over 1,400 citizens, a quarter of them women, from all regions and from every ethnic, religious and political grouping in Iraq,
elected a national council.”

“And I pledge to you today, we'll prove them wrong again over the elections.”
As we get closer to the elections, ours and theirs, there will be increased violence and we will hear from the Kerry Campaign and their allies in the “MSM” that “we are losing the war”. Don’t you believe it for a moment! The coming increased violence is not a sign that we are loosing the war, but quite the contrary. It is a sign that we are winning and the terrorists are desperate because they know it.

As we follow the coming battles, we will mourn for the brave American, and Iraq, men and women that will be lost. But as we mourn, we must also be encouraged by the knowledge that with each small victory like those outlined by Prime Minister Allawi, past and future, we draw closer to the final victory that is President Bush’s goal. The goal that America must embrace; Liberty firmly planted not only In Iraq, but throughout the Middle East.


At 4:37 PM, Pat in NC said...

I was so pleased to hear President Allawi speak. He is a
very brave and determined man. I read the Iraqi blogs daily and there are so many embracing democracy. The adults and youth have taken freedom of speech in stride and write so freely. I pray for the good Iraqis that their land may soon be freed from the terrorists. Today Hammorabi (Sam) wrote of the Hawza issued by the Shis scholars denouncing the killing, kidnapping etc. as not the way of Islam.


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