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Friday, September 24, 2004

Senator Kerry has at least one consistent goal regarding the Iraq war - Pastor Dick Helms

Anyone that has been paying even brief attention to this year's presidential campaign must understand by now that the candidates have diametrically different goals regarding America's war on terrorism, including the ongoing conflict in Iraq. Let's briefly compare each of the candidates'goals and hopefully clarify the positions cutting through some of the confusion.

First let's take a look at Senator Kerry.

It may surprise some to hear me say that contrary to what you may have heard; Senator Kerry has at least one consistent goal regarding the Iraq war. That goal is to get American troops out of Iraq and turn the whole thing over to the French faction of the United Nations, sooner rather than later and at any cost. Even at the cost of America's long-term security (although the senator cannot understand that). Please understand, that I am not saying that Senator Kerry is not a true American patriot. What I am saying is that his world view, like most liberal Democrats, is seriously flawed.

Senator Kerry served honorably and courageously in Vietnam years ago however, he has by his public behavior since then consistently undermined America's war/national defense efforts; First in Vietnam, then during the cold war, then during the Gulf war and now in America's war on terrorism, including the ongoing liberation of Iraq. We are today seeing this behavior again highlighted in the senator's continuous politically motivated pessimistic rhetoric regarding the war, including his incredible denigration of Iraq Prime Minister, Ayad Allawi, openly accusing him of being a political lackey to the President.

The Senator, like most liberal Democrats, views America, not the terrorists, as the foremost problem in the world today. He cannot recognize the true evil and therefore does not understand the basic truth that you simply cannot trust, nor can you negotiate with that evil. He did not understand that as he twice met in Paris with the Viet Cong in the 1970s and it is obvious from his current behavior that he still does not understand that today.

As I write this, Senator Kerry is currently giving lip service to "victory" in Iraq. However, even a quick look at his history makes it painfully obvious that he is only willing to pursue that goal as long as the going is not too tough, and as long as the cost/price is not too high, and as long as it is politically advantageous. However, should the going get too tough or should the war cease to be politically advantageous, it is very clear from his consistent previous behavior that his response will be a quick "negotiated?" surrender and withdrawal (read "retreat") from Iraq.

At that point, The Terrorists Win. America cannot let that happen.

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at the President's plan.


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