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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Mr. Rather, Reveal Your Sources! – by Pastor Dick Helms

One critical, but as yet unanswered, question regarding the CBS News/60 minutes “DocuGate” scandal is “Where did Dan Rather/CBS News get the forged documents?” Fair question? I think so.

Dan Rather should come clean and reveal the source of the questionable documents. Then that source should come forward with the original documents to stand examination by more than one historically biased newsman.

Up until now I have been willing to give Mr. Rather the benefit of the doubt and chose to believe that he is so desperate to see GWB defeated that he allowed himself to be duped, but if Rather and CBS News fail to come clean regarding the source of the docs, then we are left with just two possibilities. First, the source is partisan Democrat, they know it and the docs are therefore of nefarious intent or second, Dan Rather, CBS News/60 minutes manufactured the docs in order to lead a partisan attack on the President of the United States. In either case, shame on you Mr. Rather.


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