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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The “Main Stream” Media is Back in Full Campaign Mode – by Pastor Dick Helms

Here we go again. The “Main Stream” media is back in full campaign mode in their desperate crusade to bring down the President. In a state of panic following the recent poll results, the very liberal Boston Globe and CBS News (60 Minutes) together with many others have declared this BUSH NATIONAL GUARD WEEK or in plain folk language, “Let’s go get him folks”. It amazes me that this same media spent huge amounts of time and space vilifying and demonizing a few good, brave and honest men that came together to speak the truth regarding John Kerry’s fitness for the office of President. That those few had to do the very job that the “crusading” media should have done says volumes. But, that the “Main Stream” media now takes on the very role that they so heartily condemned in those few honest citizens says far more.

Understand this, the simple truth is, “NO SHOW, NO PAY”. Most guard members miss an occasional drill “meeting” and frankly, back then, GWB was a regular guy. But he was paid for the drills, and that he was “AWOL” during his service simply does not square with that or his Honorable Discharge.

I sincerely pray that the American people will be wise enough to see through the hypocrisy of this coming week’s media “campaign” and the hate-filled anti-Bush reporting that will accompany it.

My best advice, stick to Fox News if you have it, at least they’ll provide some balance, or if not watch a good movie.


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