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Monday, September 13, 2004

Democrat/”Main Stream Media” (MSM) Hate Machine to Launch a New/Old Coordinated Anti-Bush Media Smear Campaign – by Pastor Dick Helms

I told you folks what was coming Last week when I warned you that The "Main Stream" Media [was] Back in Full Campaign Mode; Now, following the collapse of the totally discredited joint Democrat/CBS News Rather attack, the Democrat ambush squad is partnering with the “MSM” to launch another new/old hate-filled campaign in a desperate attempt to slow the Kerry-Edwards campaign free fall. We are already seeing the “MSM” joyfully hyping the often re-vomited Democrat talking points that somehow GWB did not fulfill his National Guard duty.

No matter how the media tries to reframe it this time, there’s NOTHING new here just the “Same Ol, Same Ol” garbage. Did young Lt. Bush miss some drills? Sure and he made them up later. Did young Lt. Bush just serve just the minimum requirements during the last couple of years of his service? Yep, that’s no secret. That information is in records that have been public for years.

Unlike Senator Kerry, President Bush has NEVER made his military (National Guard) service the lynch pin of his campaign or his only qualification to be president, so for thinking folks it should be a non-issue. But then most liberals have never been known for a lot of deep thinking.

As you listen to the this weeks Democrat/”MSM” talking points spew forth, here are two simple points of reason that will help keep you sane.
  1. GWB DID fulfill his service requirements and
  2. He has the Honorable Discharge to prove it.

Honorable Discharge = Honorable Service. Most folks will get that, but it seems that the Dems don’t and they’re paying for it.

If you really want the full rundown on President Bush’s National Guard service, don’t fall for the joint Democrat-MSM farce-fest this week, but check it out for yourself at

Byron York does a great job of laying it all out so even the Dems could figure it out if they really cared about the truth.

Again, “Honorable Discharge = Honorable Service” end of debate. Now let’s move on.


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