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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dan Rather/CBS News “Twilight Zone” Logic – by Pastor Dick Helms

Watching the Dan Rather\CBS News circus I found myself wondering if not only Mr. Rather, but his whole staff was suffering from senility. This is the strange “Twilight Zone” logic that they are trying to sell now.

  1. The documents may be/probably are lies, but
  2. We think that the information in them may be/probably is true, so
  3. You should believe the “truth?” that is based on the “lies”.

Since I write from a Biblical Christian position please indulge me as I present a simple Biblical principle.

While truth can be twisted to become a lie, a lie will NEVER produce a truth.

If the documents are false, then nothing based on them can be trusted to be true. It’s that simple Mr. Rather.

Dan Rather owes the President of the United States, and the American people, a major apology.

Some of my readers have asked if we have an email address for CBS News so that you can call for accountability. The address for Mr. Rather and the CBS Evening News is listed on the CBS website as FYI, while we have copied all of our commentaries to this address, we have to date received no response.


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