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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Dan Rather says “I’m Sorry” – Or Not? – When an Apology is not an Apology? - by Pastor Dick Helms

Well finally! Dan Rather says “I’m Sorry”. Or did he? Monday, CBS News Managing Editor, Dan Rather, "apologized", but not for perpetuating a fraud on the American people (which he did) or for participating in a coordinated partisan attempt at the character assassination of a sitting President of the United States (which he also did). What did he apologize for? He apologized for “a mistake in judgment” made “in good faith”. Anyone that has been following the events of the Rathergate debacle should understand that clearly this was not just a simple “mistake in judgment” nor was there a shred of “good faith” demonstrated in either the original sham or in the repeated cover-up including the previously discredited “unimpeachable” source.

When is an apology not an apology? You’d think a man as astute as Dan Rather would know that a qualified apology is no apology, especially when the qualifier is self serving and intended to justify, even validate, the wrong behavior being apologized for. Adam tried this one in the Garden, “I’m sorry God, but this woman that you gave me made me do it”; God didn’t buy it then and he doesn’t buy it now. Neither should we.

Again I repeat that “Dan Rather and CBS news owe the President of the United States and the American people a major [unqualified] apology” for perpetuating a fraud on the American people. Nothing less is acceptable. Then, Dan Rather must retire and CBS news must fire Mary Mapes for her personal complicity in this fraud.


At 10:58 PM, Anonymous said...

Why are you so angry? Do you think God is up there looking down on you and thinking, wow, i'm so proud of you Dick, you're so good at the anger thing?

You of all people should know that to forgive is divine? Or is that just a bunch of hooey?


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