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Monday, September 20, 2004

Dan Rather and CBS News Must Apologize, Not Just Acknowledge Being “Misled” – by Pastor Dick Helms

Here we go again folks. It now appears that CBS News is going to tell us that they were “misled” regarding the authenticity of the now infamous and proven bogus Rathergate memos. It also now appears that they will continue in their “Twilight Zone” logic that although the docs are lies, somehow the “thrust of the story” is true?

The construct of a successful scam includes not only a knowing “scammer” but also a willing “scammee”. The reason that CBS was “misled” was because they so desperately wanted the story to be true that no matter the evidence to the contrary they chose to only believe the testimony that agreed with their preconceived assumptions. One needs no more proof of this than the fact that they would rely solely on known pro- Kerry partisans as “reliable” sources while rejecting all others, including the family of the alleged author of the documents. I also suspect that Mr. Rather’s long standing “not-so-secret” vendetta against the Bush family played no small part in that mindset, if not the fraud itself.

For Dan Rather and CBS news to say “we were misled” but our report is still valid is a fraud on the same level as the documents themselves.

As I have been saying all along, Dan Rather and CBS news owe the President of the United States and the American people a major apology, not just for an “error” or for being “misled” but for the blatant partisan nature of the report.

More than that, I now also join the growing number calling on Dan Rather to retire and on CBS news to fire Mary Mapes for her complicity in this fraud.

Again for our readers who have asked. Dan Rather’s CBS Evening News email address is


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