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Monday, September 06, 2004

An Answer to a Pro-"Choice" Reader - By Pastor Dick Helms

Dear Krys,

I rarely answer letters like this but I feel that you are sincere, albeit very misinformed, in your issues. First it is good to hear that you have a dear Christian mother, I am sure that you are in her prayers regularly as you shall be in mine. Please give her my greetings, one Christian to another. Thank you.

Now let’s look at your post. First let me be blunt and say that you are guiltier of hypocrisy than those you so quickly, and ignorantly, condemn. Your post if filled with unsubstantiated rhetoric and few facts. I will comment briefly on each section.

You write~

I was surfing the Web and found your Web site. I read
your article "The Sanctity of Human Life." Respectfully I feel a need to
respond because the Christian rhetoric upsets me. Respectfully, let me

1) You state you are against a pro-choice candidate who
upholds the law of the land although he/she may not personally support
abortion. You strongly suggest that it is a sin to vote for a pro-choice
As Christians, are we not supposed to follow the laws of the land?
Everyone in the USA is not a Christian. They may not subscribe to our teaching.
Until the law of the land is changed, abortion is legal and Christians will
have to abide by that law.
To rule out a qualified political candidate because
he or she is pro-choice does not seem to wise. It is like
throwing out the baby
with the dirty bath water.

I do not “strongly suggest” that it is a sin to vote for a pro-choice candidate, I flat out say so and my case is strongly supported in Scripture.

You are absolutely correct that? “Everyone in the USA is not a Christian”. But then I specifically say that I am only writing to Christians so this observation is irrelevant.

I and the vast majority of true Christians that I know do “abide by the law” and for you to imply differently is not only unfair it is simply wrong.

Your further implication that because unlimited infanticide of the unborn is the law of the land we as Christians should not, by our votes, strive to overturn this most evil of laws relegates Christians to second-class citizens. I pray that you did not intend this, because that is exactly what the Nazi’s did to the Jews in the 1930s.

2) You and my mom (who I love dearly) always put this
abortion issue to the forefront and treat
it as the ONLY litmus test for a political candidate.
As I recently said to my mom, sin is sin.
According to
what I've read in the Bible, lying is just as great a sin as adultery.
Disrespecting your parents is just as sinful as murder. You state in your
opinion piece. "... the Bible teaches clearly that the affirmation of sin is
the same as commission of the sin ourselves."

Again, give your sainted mother my regards, (and btw your attitude toward your mother’s right to her opinion borders on disrespectful).

I have many tests and I never said that this was the ONLY one; I did say it was the foremost one. And from a Biblical perspective, IT IS!

Yep, Sin is Sin. But contrary to the teachings of pop Christianity, some sin is more serious than others. National Sin, which affirms and promotes murder of children, is definitely one of the most serious. In fact it is this exact sin for which God gave the people Israel over to there enemies and banished them from the Promised Land for over seventy years. America is in danger of the same judgment.

And, you won’t find me, or any solid Bible believing Christian endorsing any of the other sins you list.
So I don't get it. A political candidate that bears
false witness lies, slanders, cheats, etc
. is a BETTER political leader than
one who is pro-choice? And, it is not sinful to vote for that person?

Absolutely, if any of those charges could be proven true. The problem is that the only proof of such behavior is regarding John Kerry. There is no sound evidence of any of that regarding The President. All of the charges in that regard against the President are slanderous and totally without foundation.

That is why I respectfully say that the Christian rhetoric
upsets me.
Sin is sin no matter what it is -- lying, cheating, abortion.
So why is GW so much better of a candidate that John Kerry? And, I am not just
talking about the lies (mistakes) told to get us into a war.
GW's hands ARE
NOT clean!!.

Observation ~ you really hate “Bible Believing” Christians, don’t you?

I already answered that. Yes, sin is sin, but not all sin is equal.

Again, contrary to the hate-filled rhetoric of the left, the President DID NOT LIE to the American people. President Bush spoke truthfully based on the totality of the information he, and the entire international community as well as the congress, had. That some of that information now appears to be incorrect does not make the prior informed statements “lies”. To say such is “Slander” and “False Witness” in its worse form.

3) Every time I see pro-life rallies on TV or hear about some other
pro-life event, I laugh because I feel the movement is filled
with hypocrites. Here's why. If these zealots were so PRO-LIFE why
are they not adopting some of the hundreds of thousands of children who
languish in the foster care system. Why doesn't every Christian church
have an adoption ministry? Why aren't pro-life funds going to help families
or singles adopt children?
(Do you have any idea how much it costs to
adopt? I do, because I adopted a baby. I could have used some financial
help for the first five years. The adoption cost--about $15 to $16K . Then
I had to buy formula, diapers, clothes, food, medical care, etc, and pay
thousands of dollars a year for part time child care. If someone had been
willing to help me out financially I would have adopted my child's sister
who was born two years later.) I know women -- single women -- who want to
become mothers. Because of their ages or other situations, they will not be
able to bear children. However, because of the costs of adoption, they will
never become mothers.

You really do not know many Christians, do you? Many of the Christians I know are doing the exact things that you list. In fact, most of the adoption agencies are Christian based. Catholic Charities is one of the largest adoption and life aid agencies in the world.

Also, every church I have been in since becoming a Christian have active pro-life ministries including aid to crisis women who chose to have their baby. So you paint with a broad brush out of ignorance sir.

It is propaganda and an untruth to suggest that most women are using
abortion as birth control.
Many, many women who have abortions do so after
a lot of soul searching.

I wish this wasn’t true, but it is.

In addition most abortion clinics make give
patients a mandatory talk before the appointment and before the procedure.
The talk is about their other options.
Some yes, most NO.

However, when they say you can choose to keep
your baby, they are not offering any money or other type of support except

All Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers offer this support. I know, I have been involved with many.

A friend of mine had an abortion back in the
1970's. She had two minor children and was in her mid-30's when she became
pregnant again. Because of some health issues, she decided to have the
abortion because carrying the fetus to term -- she was told by the doctors
-- would most probably kill her.
(By the way she was a stay-at-home mom at
the time.) It was a gut-wrenching decision but she and her husband felt
she needed to live for the other children.

I, and most Christians, have no problem with a TRUE Life of the Mother exception, in fact that the Life of the Mother is preeminent is biblical.

I know of others who may not have had health
problems but could not carry a fetus to term because there
was no way they could emotionally or financially care for a child. (The men
in their lives were not supportive.) If the Pro-Lifers were compassionate,
they would have programs -- ones that are advertised to the masses --
telling women if they want to keep their babies, that a stipend or grant
would be available to them. There should be other support like less
expensive but excellent child care options. (Back in the day there were
homes for unwed mothers.)

All of this is out there. You are much uniformed regarding these issues.

Pro-Lifers tend to respect the sanctity of human life in the womb but not outside of the womb. That to me is being hypocritical and very unChristian-like. It might even qualify as sin.

Nothing in this paragraph is true.

Granted, people should not be having sexual relations
outside of marriage, but they do. And abortion is the unfortunate
consequence of that sin. Until women are given better options once they
become pregnant, abortion will continue -- legally or illegally.
Sadly, True. But abortion/infanticide does not need to be endorsed in our laws anymore than other forms of murder.
And, just a personal note: It takes two to tango as they say. And. it
gulls me why is it always the women's fault? Perhaps the pro-choicers
should be telling men to keep their pants zipped -- and that includes
Christian men.

We Do!
And, besides, why are you, my mother, and other
pro-lifers so concerned about what a women--who you do not even know -- does
with her body?

We are not concerned about “her body”, we are concerned about what she does to the Baby’s.
If this nation was more pro-family and pro-mother,
there would be little need for abortion and more women would choose to bring
children into the world.

Sadly, TRUE.
Our country has a multitude of problems that affect
many more people than abortion rights. There are many people holding or
running for political office who are pro-choice and are good leaders, honest
people, and willing to serve. They have good ideas and plans to help
strengthen the family and our nation. Keeping them out of office because
they are pro-choice and voting for less qualified people seems so unwise. We
need leaders who can make a dent in the other social issues you've written
about -- Protecting Marriage and the Family, National Security and the War
on Terror, The Economy and Jobs, and Taxes. From what I understand about
history, when people are feeling secure -- especially emotionally and
financially -- they tend to look outside of themselves and address other
social issues.

Fundamentally true, but still from a Biblical perspective (and remember it is from that perspective that I write) the “Sanctity of Human Life” must be foremost. Why? Because it is to God.
When our nation starts to respect motherhood and
provide support for families, abortion will become less and less.
Why? Because it will be honorable to become a mother and the Church
could be a whole lot towards supporting this type of social policy.

Yep, but until then, we who are true Christians must stand for innocent life, be it the unborn, the disabled, or the elderly.


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