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Thursday, August 19, 2004

John Kerry's Latest Hypocrisy! - By Pastor Dick Helms

All day today I have been hearing Senator John Kerry whining about the charges made in the book "Unfit for Command" which contains dozens of fully documented claims that the Senator's war record may not be as exemplary as he has for years presented it to the American people. He comes forward slandering President Bush by proclaiming as fact the totally unsubstantiated charge that the book and the ads somehow originated with the President or the GOP. He and his surrogates keep calling for the President to "condemn this book and ad" and tell us that because the President will not do so that he is somehow endorsing the charges. Let's take a look at the incredible hypocrisy we are seeing here.

First, this book is fully documented and the charges should be given serious consideration. If they are true, then Senator Kerry suffers a serious character flaw that may indeed disqualify him to serve as the Commander in Chief let alone the President of the United States. The President is correct to remain silent on this while waiting for the truth to come out. After all, there is indeed enough documentation of these charges to warrant serious investigation. I hope the American press is up to it. If the Senator was a Republican they would be all over it.

Next let's look at John Kerry's call for the President to "condemn" the book and ads. Why, because some of the funding came from a Bush supporter. Hmmm? Does anyone remember John Kerry condemning for their ads calling the President a Liar or comparing the Republican Party to the Taliban or even to the Nazi Party? They have even sponsored ads that compared President Bush to Hitler himself.

Does anyone remember John Kerry condemning Terry McAuliffe for calling the sitting President of the United States a liar or saying that he was "AWOL" during his military service in the Texas Air National Guard?

Does anyone remember John Kerry condemning Michael Moore for his totally unsubstantiated two hour long slanderous political ad that called the President everything from a traitor to a murderer. Oh! Wait a minute; didn't I see Michael Moore in a place of honor, in the past Presidents' box, at the DNC National Convention. Hmmm?

If I was the President my response would be; "You go first Mr. Senator. Condemn, and Terry McAuliffe and Michael Moore for their totally unsubstantiated undocumented slander. Then if the claims and documentation from the Swift Boat Vets don't prove out, I'll condemn their ads."

Until then, the President is doing the right thing by honoring Senator Kerry for his service to our nation and taking a wait and see stance regarding the Swift Boat Vets claims.

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