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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Issues, Issues, Issues - By Pastor Dick Helms

In order to vote intelligently We The People, must understand the foremost issues involved and then must be able to prioritize those issues in order to make a well reasoned choice. This is no different, and perhaps even more important, to us as Bible believing Christians. Unlike others, who are free to prioritize the issues according to personal preferences and current life events, we who are called by the Name of Christ must strive to square our priorities with those found in God’s Word.

That said, I will now try to present the primary issues of this year’s campaign and help to prioritize them according to their importance as set forth in the Word. The issues we will be looking at over the next few days are

  1. The Sanctity of Human Life.
  2. Protecting Marriage and the Family.
  3. National Security and the War on Terror.
  4. The Economy and Jobs.
  5. Taxes

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