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Monday, August 16, 2004

Issue #2 - Protecting Marriage and the Family - By Pastor Dick Helms

It may surprise some folks to find that I list this as the second most important issue this year. After all, some ask, isn’t this just a side issue? Isn’t this just an issue of personal moral and social preference? In fact, for a Bible believing Christian, this issue cannot be one of mere moral or social preference.

This, like the Sanctity of Human Life, is in reality an issue of national sin, and scripture is clear that when there is “sin in the camp” (a nation), that nation cannot enjoy victory over their adversaries. Think about that in the context of today’s war on terror. America faces what is probably the single most dangerous enemy in our entire history and unless we “clean up the camp” spiritually by standing against the rampant sexual immorality, including our “Hell Bent” march towards same sex marriage, there is no way that God will bless our land.

In summary, if we, who are called by the Name of Christ, do not stand for righteousness on this issue, both by participation in the public political dialogue as well as in the voting booth, our enemies will be victorious and America as we know it will be no more. Again, all of the other issues will then become moot.

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