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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Issue #1 - The Sanctity of Human Life - By Pastor Dick Helms

This issue must be in the forefront for Bible believing Christians as it is for our Lord. God created humankind in His very image and gave us life. Because of that He treasures each life personally and has forbidden us to end that life except in those few instances that he has given His authority to “the state” to act on His behalf in doing justice.

America today stands guilty of the national sin of the “shedding of innocent blood” as we sacrifice millions of our children on the altar of the foreign God of “Choice”. This is the same sin for which God turned the nation Israel over to their enemies sending them into exile in Babylon.

Just as during the time of the fallen kingdoms of Israel and Judah today in America the blood of the innocents cries out to God for justice. And, just like Israel and Judah, America will be given over to our enemies if we do not repent and stop this terrible sin. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every Christian to do all we can to stop this holocaust, if we do not, America cannot stand for much longer.

For a Christian it is a sin to knowingly vote for a pro-abortion (choice) candidate for any office, under any circumstances. Why? Because a vote for a supporter of this terrible sin is a fundamental affirmation of the sin and the Bible teaches clearly that the affirmation of sin is the same as commission of the sin ourselves.

Make no mistake, on this issue stands the very future of America and that is why it is number one as we prioritize the issues of this years election.

In summary, If we do not turn the tide of this slaughter, the rest will be irrelevant because there will be no America to worry about them. God will see to that in His justice.

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