Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Regarding the 2008 Campaign Season

To my faithful readers.

First, I want to express my sincere appreciation to my faithful readers for your great input and support over the last couple of campaigns. That said, I find that since Fred Thompson has withdrawn from the race I cannot enthusiastically support any of this year's candidates, Therefore, I will, barring unforeseen events, be sitting out the 2008 presidential campaign, at least as far as political punditry is concerned.

With the possible exception of the Right to Life issue, I find any difference between the Republican and Democrat candidate to be so insignificant as to be nonexistent. Will I vote? Yes, I will vote based on the hope that the Republican candidate will keep his word and wholeheartedly support a right to life from the womb to the grave both in endorsing pro life legislation and appointing staunchly pro life judges to the federal courts at all levels including the Supreme Court and I encourage you to join me in that pro life vote.

I doubt that the liberal Republican candidate will be able to win the election but hope, for the sake of the thousands of additional unborn babies that will be murdered under a democrat president, that I am wrong.

Continue to fervently pray for our nation and our future President, whoever he/she is.

May God bless each of you greatly.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fred's Right! (No surprise here)

Fred Thompson Baffles Critics with Facts - 09/18/07

Senator Fred Thompson made some alarming [FACTUAL] comments on the campaign trail in Sioux City, Iowa last week. So alarming, in fact, some chose to dismiss them as the ramblings of a clueless, out of touch "air head" from Tennessee. Thompson spoke of al Qaeda terror tactics and a smoking ban in Iraq which caused some Iraqis to reject al Qaeda and joins sides with United States Forces. Can you believe that? Well... it turns out to be absolutely true. But because they were unaware of it, some in the media chose to make light of the Senator's revelation.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fred's In!

Fred's in! Today, Former US Senator Fred Thompson officially entered the race for the '08 Republican presidential nomination. The Senator announced his candidacy in a web video laying out his campaign. You can view the announcement video here. It's well worth your time.

If, after watching the video, you agree with me that Senator Thompson is indeed what America needs in '08 then consider using the form to your right to donate to his campaign.

For more information visit

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why Do I Support Fred Thompson?

Last night my grandson (19 and a real thinker) ask me "Why do you support this Thompson guy so strongly?" I shared with him Fred Thompson's integrity and his positions and then this morning I read this article on the American Thinker and frankly it does such a good job of answering the question that I thought I would share it with you all. This is not a long article and well worth your time.

Fred Thompson and Plain Speaking - By Ray Robison - The American Thinker

Fred Thompson is a small town guy who made it from the agricultural communes of south-central Tennessee to Capitol Hill and our TV sets. And while we admire the accomplishments of this distinguished lawyer, Senator and actor, we admire the man even more for seeming to remain grounded to his roots.

Read this full article here

Use this link to donate to the Fred Thompson campaign

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

A True Godly Woman is now With Her Lord - Ruth Graham Has Gone Home

MIAMI (Reuters) - Ruth Graham, the wife of U.S. evangelist Billy Graham, died on Thursday after slipping into a coma, the popular preacher's office said.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Left Coast Nancy joins Hopeless Harry as he again proudly proclaims America's Defeat and calls for surrender and retreat.

Pelosi and Reid told Bush in the letter that they planned to send him new legislation to "limit the US mission in Iraq, (read "SURRENDER") begin the phased redeployment of US forces, and bring the war to a responsible end." (read "RETREAT")

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Observations About Fred D. Thompson - Paul M. Weyrich - AIM Guest Column

Christian Writer. Paul Weyrich, writes in an Accuracy In Media guest column:

"Is Fred Thompson the second coming of Ronald Reagan? Not exactly. Is he, like Reagan, the right man for this desperate hour? That depends upon God's Providence. If we pray hard God will answer that last question. Right now without announcing formally, Thompson is doing well in the polls. ... ? All I can suggest is to pray hard."

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Monday, June 11, 2007

America’s Only True Hope for Victory - by Pastor Dick Helms

Earlier this year, we as a Nation, The United States, took a rare small, step back from the spiritual precipice as the Supreme Court upheld the ban on the formerly "constitutionally protected" barbaric practice of infanticide (partial birth abortion). While this still allows the states to legalize the barbaric practice it is indeed a step in the right direction and partially cleanses this spiritual stain from America as a nation.

The ancient Israelites practiced child sacrifice to the evil demon god Moloch and suffered defeat and exile at the hand of their enemies for their sin. For the past three decades America has, like the ancient Israelites, also practiced wholesale child sacrifice to the same evil demon god know known as "choice." The most barbaric form this sacrifice has taken is the practice called "partial birth abortion."

Since the infamous Roe vs. Wade court decision America has become more and more barbaric in our practice of infanticide, and like ancient Israel America has come under God’s judgment suffering defeat from without and within. Is it any wonder that The United States has not seen a true victory in several decades?

Make no mistake, the Bible clearly teaches that there is such a thing as corporate/national sin and that God holds a sinful nation accountable! The Bible says that the blood of the innocents calls out from the land to God for justice. If this was true of the thousands of infants sacrificed by ancient Israel resulting in their defeat (by Babylon/Iraq) and exile, then how much more the nearly 50 million innocent children slaughtered in sacrifice to the god "choice" over the last three decades. One cannot even imagine God’s terrible judgment that awaits our nation if we do not repent soon.

Pray for our Nation. Pray that we will recognize the truth of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and that we will as a nation "humble [ourselves], and pray and seek [God’s] face, and turn from [our] wicked ways." That we will see the reversal of the evil Roe mandate that "then [God} will hear from heaven, and will forgive [our] sin and heal [our] land."

This is America’s only hope for true victory, in Iraq, around the world and, yes, here at home. America's only hope for a future as a free nation.

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

I've Redone My Blog

I had some problems with my old blog so I am rebuilding it from the ground up. I will add a link for the old blog posts and will be posting some of the better stuff from yesteryear. I hope to have it all back up and ready to go in a few days so check back.